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Friday, December 14, 2012

"What is a rose, A cup of pure delight."


Well I hope all fellow  West Aussies survived the weather we had the past couple of days. Lightening strikes, Thunder,  Rain and Floods. Tuesday morning we had a very quick Lightening storm pass through. I was sitting crocheting in the family room  waiting to go to the Crochet Group Christmas Wind-up when BANG. Lightening struck a tree in the neighbours back yard. A Transformer at the top of our block also blew up. Power was off and on during the day. Our hard drive didn't want to work. Later on that evening we tried it again and luckily all was OK. I think something must have clicked off and come back when full power was restored. The next day we had 18.5mls of rain within a few minutes. It certainly was welcome here, Ian had just fertilised the lawn on the weekend so we have a lovely green lawn. Though some places down south didn't fair so well. Once town had over 200 mls in the day.

With the weird weather going on I managed to finish a few projects.

I saw the quote a while back and took note of it in my little black book (aka a piece of scrap paper) and made up a table runner. The roses on display are a David Austin called "Mary Rose". Now the binding may not go exactly with the front but it goes so well with the backing. See I made it reversible without realising.

A while ago Marina sent me some crochet cotton. Recently Cheryll sent the two Hankies as she knew I crocheted. So I had fun making up two patterns to fit them. Thanks ladies, who knew that it takes three people to do somethings.!!!

I have been going through all those Tutorials and Patterns that I have had saved. I actually deleted a heap, how many quilts bags etc is a woman to make. One pattern I did keep was Terrie's Make-up Bag Tutorial.

I first made the little blue teacup one, complete with the proper Heat n Bond Vinyl lining. Then I made the second one bigger to store stitching items in. Terrie's pattern was the best of the best as far as zipper bags go. I had downloaded several patterns but found all of them except for Terrie's had the lining done correctly so no stitching shows inside the bag. Thanks Terrie for the pattern, it only took me two years to get it done.

As usual family members are continuing to come and go here at Kainga.

David has just come back from a week in Sydney. He attended his friend Sav's Graduation from University. Here they are in front of the Sydney Opera House.

I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Happy days.
Bev C


marina said...

lovely rose topper. Glad you survived the storm. Lightning is great as long as it isn't too close.
Your hankies look great and it is good to see the cotton is being used and not sitting in a box in my cupboard.
Great zipper bags!

Karen said...

Sounds like crazy weather you are having!! Good luck!
Lovely to see your projects. The runner is great and I do like the make-up bag. Lovely stitching.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Sounds like Mother Nature has been keeping you on your toes..lovely table topper and enjoyed your post.

Cheryll said...

The "roses" are wonderful...fabric, embroidery and verse!
Glad you could use the hankies... you did a great job on them!
Hope your weekend is better than the last week... strange weather!
Merry Christmas :)

Fiona said...

such crazy weather over at your side of the island.... glad you are ok and the computer is up and running.... lovely little goodies you have made... I do like the hankies made by all 3 of you!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

There's so much different weather going on isn't there Bev...you never know what to expect! I tried to learn crochet once. Good finishes there!

Simone de Klerk said...

You know I just love the roses you show. What a beautiful quote to the rose quilt.
And what a handsome son you have.