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Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Iris Cross Stitch, Melbourne, Fremantle and some Flour bag sewing."


Well that was one busy week.
Thursday I picked up the Iris cross stitch.

"Iris cross stitch"
 So very happy with how this was framed up. Even the framer loved it. You will have to excuse my reflection in the photo.

"My gifts from Lucy from her trip to Melbourne."
 Lucy returned earlier on this week from her shopping trip to Melbourne. She did so well in the gifting department. I received a Robert Gordon tea infuser and the most beautiful tin.Thanks so much Lucy.

"Table Runner."
 This is project number one from the flour bag full of material. A table runner using up lots of the fabrics. I had strips all sewn together from a previous quilt which I used for the binding. This was also used on a strip between the homespun fabric I used for the backing. A bit of a eye spy runner.

" Dolphin Toiletry Bag."
This is project number two. A toiletry bag,directions available from Terri's blog. The other side has strips of calico and the dolphin fabric.

"Lucy's Freo Dockers cupcakes."
Last night Lucy made cupcakes and macarons in Freo colours.
Of course today we sat and cheered on the Freo Dockers in the AFL Grand Final. They didn't win but they certainly bought the whole Western Australian community together. Well done boys.

Thursday, I also picked up the Brother sewing machine from its service. It needed a new bobbin case,otherwise all was OK with it. It gets to sew for a few more years.

Friday I had my monthly sewing day. Not long after we started sewing there was a knock on the door. We needed to evacuate the building, there was smoke in one of the buildings roof. A capacitor  had burnt out and was letting off toxic fumes. One of the local electricians was on hand and the fire brigade was called. We heard the fire truck coming and it zoomed straight past the building through the roundabout and along a bit before we heard it coming back. Then it had to drive around the building through the petrol station next door and drive around the block trying to find a parking spot. We have terrible trouble with parking in this town. The truck did some amazing  driving to get through the traffic. After an hour we were allowed back inside.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, a long one here in WA.

Happy days.
Bev C


marina said...

your iris cross stitch looks beautiful.
what lovely gifts from Lucy, very pretty.
great projects you finished.
shame Freo didn't win for you but there's always next year.
I enjoyed a non stop sewing afternoon thanks to the grand final keeping everyone entertained lol.


Good Day Bev,

Your Cross Stitch is truly lovely. I love the color purple and the framer truly did a beautiful job of enhancing its beauty. Love your wee zipper bag..

The cupcakes are neatly decorated.. DID the Melbourne NFL team win???

Hugs Judy

Dolores said...

Wow, it sounds like an exciting sewing day. Yes, I agree, the cross stitch and the framing are beautiful. Love that dolphin fabric and it looks like you've kept busy with those projects.

Astrid said...

You have been busy! :) The iris cross stitch is so beautiful and I think the framer did a wonderful job. Great to use up bits and pieces for smaller projects, nice table runner and toiletry bag. Yummy cupcakes too and what an exciting sewing day! :) Have a wonderful Sunday!

Terry said...

What a beautiful cross stitch! I love iris.

Anonymous said...

such beautiful stitching Bev and also a lovely post,i was barracking for Freo as well.xx

Maria said...

Your cross stitch is framed beautifully..
Lucy did spoil you with nice gifts.
Lovely cupcakes Luc sorry they didn't win.😥
Great projects from the flour sack..

Wendy said...

Your cross stitch is very beautiful and looks lovely framed. Lovely gifts and lots of lovely projects! Enjoy your Sunday, Wendy

Fiona said...

what an exciting sewing day!!! glad all okay.... I do love how your iris stitchery has come out.... just lovely... and great gifts from Lucy... pity about Freemantle... I do like purple!!
there seems to be footy, rugby etc ALLLLLLLL weekend...

Melody said...

Beautiful sewing. What a drama with the evacuation - glad everything turned out OK

Terri said...

Glad to hear everything was okay after the evacuation. What a weird thing to happen. Lovely cross stitch project!

Lin said...

What a great week you have had! Very produtive, love the iris. And a bit of excitement thrown in too although it must have been worrying at the time. Hope you have recovered!

Valspierssews said...

I love the table runner and the cup cakes look great. Sounds like an exciting time with the evacuation.

Karen said...

Your iris is beautiful and the framing sets it off perfectly!
Lovely gift of pottery - the Robert Gordon factory is located here in town. Love visiting there.
Lots of lovely sewing happening, too.
And that sounds like a lot of excitement for your sewing group. Hope you don't plan to do this too often!

Julie said...

Gosh Bev - what an action packed week - including a fire truck !!! I love your iris framed up, also your flour bag creations are amazing ... just lovely projects you are creating. And those cupcakes .... yummy. Hope this week brings you good things Bev, Julie x0x

Julie said...

Oh & p.s. ... forgot to say, those gifts you were given are just beautiful - very thoughtful of her. x0x

Mitzi said...

I think your iris cross stitch is so lovely! The frame really sets it off nicely. Your table runner is very nice too. You are one busy lady, Bev!