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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Soap making for Christmas and adding that third bathroom."


I keep on seeing and hearing that Christmas is coming. We can't stop it can we. I decided to make lots of soap over the past few weeks. Personalising them a little makes them a great addition to Christmas presents.  I have used plants from the garden to flavour the olive oil that is used in the making of soap.

Calendula Soap
I wanted to use up some of the items from the re-cycling bin to make the soap in. I found the long life milk that is for coffee machines that is a square shape to be perfect for holding the soap. I have used the rectangular shaped cartons as well but they seem to splay at the top. I also used a tray that a prepared Indian meal came in.  I have a set of scrap booking letters that stamped out people's names perfectly.

Rosemary Soap
 These ones had Rosemary in them, everything from the plant gets blended together at the final stage. Of course you could take the plant out if you wanted a clearer soap.

Rose Scented Geranium
 Rose scented Geranium would have to be one of the most lovely of the scented Geraniums. I can't help sniffing and squishing this plant as I walk past. Once again I left all of the plant in the mix. I just cut up this lot of soap this morning so I am breathing in the perfume as I type.

We recently added a third bathroom of sorts.

 We moved this bath from another part of the garden to create a little oasis under the Graham Thomas rose bush. It is now in a rather private, well more private than before spot in the garden. It is a old bath, lovely to sit in to keep cool. Not that comfortable though for sitting too long.

There is a purpose to moving the bath to this part of the garden. With all the garden re-modelling we moved one of our smaller water tanks and wanted to have something to catch the overflow. With all the rain on the weekend it is nearly full. Of course there was a rush to find a plug. Ian found a sprinkler fitted perfectly. It hasn't leaked at all yet.Yes that is dirt in the bottom of the bath, we previously used it to grow potato's.

Thanks to Anthea  for hosting Christmas through the year. I will be linking this post. Make sure you check out what everyone else has done.You will get some wonderful ideas.
How is your present stash coming along?

Happy days.
Bev C


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev lots of lovely soap there,my sister makes soaps,home made soaps are so beautiful,well done my friend.xx

Nat Palaskas said...

I try not to think about Christmas. By not thinking about I hope it doesn't come that quickly, haha I wished! I always wanted to make soap. One day I will and also candle too. Your soap looks beautiful!

Lin said...

Hello Bev. Your blog is looking very pretty! I can almost smell your soaps - lucky people to get one in their stocking. xx

Christine M said...

You've been busy, Bev. Your soaps look great. I've never tried making soap.

debbie said...

Mmmm...I can smell the soap from your description :) They look so pretty too. I thought of you when I bought two lavender plants a week ago! I've given up on seeds. They are doing great so far, so maybe I will finally have some that keeps growing. xx debbie

Aida said...

Hi Bev, I am amaze my your talent to recycle, create and make gifts. Those soaps must smell divine. I can even smell coming out of my iPad screen : )

And oh yes Christmas is coming....and sooner than we thought.


Kathy said...

I am familiar with this kind of milled soap and I know how sooth it is. My friend makes bathes of it at her house and she often gives me some. I know I like the Rosemary version.

Terri said...

How wonderful to give your own handmade soaps for gifts! I love that you used plants from your own garden. Love your new 3rd bathroom. Great way to catch overflow in repurposing that ole tub.

Jeanette said...

Beautiful soap. I must get back into making it. Hugs,xx

marina said...

great idea to personalise the soaps for gifting, I can imagine how lovely they smell.
Hope your chickens have settled in well.

Kim said...

I don't really want to think about Christmas, but I suppose I should. Your soaps will make lovely gifts. I agree with you with the Rose scented Geranium, it has a gorgeous fragrance. Love the bath in that li'l nook of your garden. 'Tis a perfect spot to while away an hour or two to escape the Summer's heat.

Fiona said...

What a lovely industrious post.... love the bath...and your soap looks amazing..

Julie said...

Hi Bev, Just adore your handmade soaps - can almost get up close to the screen & smell them. Hard to choose a favourite as they all look divine.
Love the idea of the new "bathroom" too.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

How wonderful! Your soaps look so pretty! Yes, Christmas just seems to slide in quickly when October comes!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
Thanks for stoping by my blog. : )

Your soaps look so pretty. I like when the actual herbs and flowers are in the soaps. What a lovely gift idea. I like the way you have repurposed your tub.
Your post on your garden is wonderful. Your garden is beautiful. You have a lot of blooms. : )
Have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. I sowed my carrots in September. I hope they will continue to do well. If they do, I will sow more next spring.

Karen said...

The soaps are a great idea and so special when you use plants from your own garden. Great way to use the bath, too.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Boy I was sure I could smell your gorgeous soaps Bev....love Calendular and Geranium and they look so pretty too! I love your bathtub recyclying too

Kaisievic said...

You are so talented to make such lovely soap. Your garden looks beautiful.

Wendy said...

Your soaps look beautiful Bev, I love the sound of the rose geranium.

Wendy said...

Your soaps look beautiful Bev, I love the sound of the rose geranium.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Mmmm that soap smells delicious Bev!