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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"A dip in Auckland Harbour."


I did promise to show the front of the journal cover. This is my one and only finish for OPAM. (One Project a Month.)

I did a bit of rec-cycling. The tapestry on the front was done by my sister Chris many years ago. It was part of a pair that she did. The moths had started to get to the other one but this one was in better condition. It took ages to get to her in New Zealand and unfortunately it certainly didn't arrive in the condition I sent it. The parcel arrived in a plastic bag with a wet sopping mess inside. It makes me wonder if it was a New Zealand postie having a swim in the Auckland Harbour/ Waitemata Harbour before it went north or Cyclone Pam was the cause. Either way this is the second time a parcel has arrived at Chris's home rather bedraggled looking. I am thankful that it didn't have any red coloured material on it, the colour would have certainly ran.

One day I would love to put a tracking device on a parcel and actually see how they are treated etc.

Last week I did start the quilting on the Folk Art Quilt.

It has come to a complete standstill at the moment. Haven't been in the sewing room for days but will get back into there this week. Just needed a rest.

 My priorities instead have been more towards how we live and what we can grow. After quite a bit of Internet searching I found a online supplier of Heirloom Seeds that offer free postage and low and behold are here in West Australia which was a bonus with only a couple of days waiting for them to arrive. Now we just need some of that rain. We were promised some today and yesterday. They were lying!

 Yesterday I had planned to make some cold pressed soap. I got out the ingredients and found that we didn't have any copha in the fridge so today I got to the shops and came home and made some.

The Coffee soap looked so delicious, it was hard not to take a lick. If I did I would have an awful burn.This batch is now curing and tomorrow I will cut it up and dry it for the next 4 to 6 weeks depending on how it goes. The longer you dry it the better/harder the soap will become.

I would like to wish family and friends a Happy Easter.

Happy days.
Bev C


Christine M said...

Lovely finish, Bev. How annoying it didn't arrive in better shape. Your quilting looks great. I love the butterfly. Have a lovely Easter. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev you sure have been busy,how lovely you found a place for your seeds,hope you get your rain,we need it down our way too,happy easter my friend xx

Jeanette said...

Lovely finish. Such a shame on how the parcel was treated. That coffee soap looks interesting. Can you tell me how much coffee & when you added it please. Hugs, xx

Karen S said...

You do have to wonder what happens to the mail at times!
You have a lovely Easter, too.

Julie said...

Hi Bev, well yes, it could well have been a Postie having a swim in the harbour !!!! Happens alot over here
:-) Your soap making always fascinates me - have never had a go myself but you always make me feel like giving it a go. Coffee soap smells yum, my friend made some cinnamon scented soap. Have a great Easter Bev.

Fiona said...

your journal cover looks lovely and so great you could save one of the pieces... glad it survived it's swim!! the quilting looks great... so fun .... I have never added 'flavour' to my soap except some lavender bits... how do you go about adding coffee?
Over cast day here but no rain... yet.... ???

Terri said...

Looks like you've been keeping quite busy with all sorts of fun projects lately! Bummer about that mail service, especially when there's fabric contents inside those packages. Hope you get rain soon so you can get those seeds started. Sounds fun!

Rosie said...

Lots of lovely projects going on at your place Bev. I love the sound of that soap. Yes sometimes I wonder how parcels get to us when they look like they have seen better times!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Bev such a shame about the gift but just as well it wasn't damaged! Good on you for making soap...I love hand made soaps! Great seeds you found too! A very Happy Easter to you and I hope you can get some sewing done!

Deb said...

Easter blessings to you, too, Bev. Enjoy your weekend. Also, I didn't realize that you made soap! I know from my daughter all a soaper has to do to get the finished product! We enjoy all her handmade soaps. Love those seed packets...it's time I was thinking about my spring gardening.

kiwikid said...

Oh my goodness...I hope the postie didn't have a swim in the harbour!! Sad to hear how the package arrived! Hope the seeds grow well for you. Can I ask what goes into your soap please...I am always looking for palm oil free ones. Have a very happy Easter.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Bev,

Looks like you have been busy with all your beautiful needlework and soap making.
It does make you wonder what the postie people do? Our daughter sent home a box of clothing from Australia and it took a long time to get here and the box looked like someone had jumped on it and slashed it - her leather jacket had mildew on it.
Happy Easter

Kim said...

Pretty cross stitch, gorgeous quilting and lovely soap. My you have been busy. I always wonder as to the condition one's parcels are received in, if in fact they ever reach their destination. You would think from Australia to New Zealand, there would be no problems. Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter, Bev.