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Thursday, September 3, 2015

"National Flag Day, Spring, A quick quilt, my new ruler and the wasjig is finished."


Are you hanging up your Australian flag today?

We have one out on the side gate.

 Plus this one I cross stitched a few years ago it always on display. Today the 3rd September is Australian National Flag Day.

It is interesting to see that New Zealand is going to vote on a new flag, they often get confused at sporting events and at times the wrong flag has been put up on the flagpole. I was a little surprised that the 4 flags they can choose from have no green on them at all. New Zealand is always so green. I was even more surprised that Richie McCaw's  face isn't on one of the flags!

 The first two days of Spring have been cold and windy with top temps of about 14 on both days.

There are signs that Spring is on the way with bulbs starting to bloom.

 The Rosemary plants are in full bloom and the Bee's are loving them.

 I have been on the embroidery machine the last two days quilting a quilt for my Niece who is visiting from over East. I decided it had to be a quick simple quilt and lap size as I only had a few days to make it. I was a bit annoyed that the horse fabric in the background couldn't be used. It certainly was not printed on the grain of the material. I did find a cowgirl boot red work design for some of the quilting which showed up quite well. Will post a picture of the finished quilt next week. Planning to give it to her on Saturday at a special morning tea.

Now we all know that Father's Day is not far away, actually I didn't realise until yesterday I thought it was next weekend. Men get a lot of things cheaper than us, think socks underwear even boys chocolates are cheaper than the pink ones. I won't name the chocolate brand. Anyway we were wandering around Master's last week, Ian had a gift card that had money left on it. I had a wander around the tools and found this metre length ruler for just over ten dollars. It has all sorts of handy measurements on the back. There was a bigger length but I thought this would be so useful in the sewing room and it has been. Can you imagine what price 
this would have been in a patchwork shop.

I finished the puzzle at 8.00 am Monday morning, Yippee. This was so addictive I would stop to look for a piece and a hour and a half later I was still there. A few late nights.

This was the box and I had to work out the view from the opposite direction of the car.

Thanks for all the warm wishes welcoming Jude into the family, very much appreciated.

Now I had better get back to the sewing machine and finish the quilt.

Happy days.
Bev C


Maria said...

The flag looks great on your gate.. We have a flagpole on the block where hubby's flag flys...
Lots of pretty flowers spring out in your garden...
Looks like a fun puzzle to put together.

Dolores said...

What a great puzzle. I've never seen one where you had to work out the picture from the other end. Happy Australian Flag Day!
It was so nice that you were able to find that ruler. I hope it comes in handy.

Julie said...

Hello Bev, we really are a stupid lot over here with our flag ideas arent we :-) The Government are spending a quarter of a million dollars on getting our opinions on a new flag design !!!!! I ask you . . . And yes, if it did have Richie McCaws face on it, I think I just might vote for it. Your new quilt is looking gorgeous, love the fabrics & look forward to seeing the end result. Great buy on the new ruler too.

Fiona said...

lots of things in this post... I do love spring and even though we are cooler than normal its lovely to see some of our spring plants starting

Karen S said...

Lovely to see some Spring flowers popping up in your garden.
And great work on your quilt, too.
Smart move with the ruler.

Lin said...

Your spring flowers look great - hope you finish the quilt in time.xx

Clare M said...

Hmmm...yes a new flag for us kiwis. We do need one, but as you say, wherevis the green and Richie's face lol. Love your touches of spring. We have some here too with the daffodils in full flower. Know what you mean about the horses on grain. Hugs, clare