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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Quilts,Liberty,Wonky Houses,Olives and Pauline's Blog.


Another beautiful Autumn day here although I am sure the farmers would be crying out for some rain. There is no rain in sight just yet. I have been going through projects that need finishing off. Last year I made this lap quilt for myself. It has roses on it-my favourite. I had several fat quarters that I bought locally many many years ago and added some homespun in several colours to make the quilt. It was a case off using up all the material and hoping that I didn't need any more. Although when I took it to sewing class another lady had some in her stash. My threads that I will do the quilting with. I am still debating about which way I will quilt it.
My other project that I have had in the planning stages is using this Liberty material that is actually some curtain samples which I have had for several years. I washed and ironed the material and I am thinking of using the two on the right hand end in some cushions or table runner. These two have some birds amongst the flowers and I have a machine embroidery pattern that is very similar. I have this book about Liberty given to me by Chris my sister. I always thought that Liberty material came from a female. I was astonished to read that it is from Arthur Lasenby Liberty. If you have the chance to read about Mr Liberty do so because it makes for some interesting reading.

On Wednesday evening I stitched block three in "The Wonky Houses" block of the month designed by Jenny from www.elefantz.blogspot.com Block 4 was posted yesterday and the instructions to put it together. Once again I used some marbled homespun which Lucy and I made.

This photo is especially for Ryan and Edy. On Thursday I was up the back of the yard watering and I noticed the Olive tree that Ryan and Edy had given me in November 2007 as a Thank you gift ,had its first olive on it. I only planted the tree at the end of Autumn last year so it was a great surprise to see the olive. A few weeks back Ian and I had checked out our other three olive trees and found only several fruit on them and never even bothered to check this tree. So in a few years I will be able to pickle the olives.

Earlier on in the year while I was in New Zealand when I was staying at Chris's I was reading this book on her coffee table. It contained some great stories and poems written by her friend Pauline. Pauline's family had got this book published for her Birthday a few years ago. Pauline has this ability to write about anything and make it feel like you are there. She has a talent that I envy. Not long ago Pauline got her sewing machine out of hibernation and borrowed a camera bag that I had made Chris. Pauline didn't have a pattern to follow. Please check out Pauline's sewing at www.paulinespaddock.blogspot.com You can read her wonderful stories etc as well.
Happy days.
Bev C


MissyMack said...

Love your lap quilt! The colours look really nice. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

Pauline said...

Thanks for the lovely words, Bev. You have been an inspiration to me. As well as getting me blogging, now you've got me sewing, as well. Every time I make something I ask myself, "How would Bev do this?" And don't get me going about hand stitching!! If they have to lock me away for my own good it will be because tiny stitches play with my head. Love your wonky houses!!