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Saturday, July 31, 2010

All the fun of the Show.


Yesterday I went to the Craft,Quilt and Stitch Show which was held at the Claremont Showgrounds. Of course the first thing I had to do was to fill out the entry form for the door prize,a new sewing machine. A few minutes after that I saw Sue from my Friday Sewing Group,outside the Bernina stand of course. A little way along I saw a neighbour and I told her that she was the second person I knew. Linda told me that she and 14 other ladies from the Embroidery Guild were there for the day. Linda had just purchased some embroidery books so I may have to pay her a visit soon. I wanted to get one of the "curved piecing foots" I have seen these on the net and have been impressed with the result. I managed to get mine from Michele who owns Lavender Quilts. From another stall I picked up some embroidery needles. Yes that is all I bought,I did pick up a few leaflets and will have a look through these. The one thing I was totally awestruck with was the work done by Ken Smith a Tasmanian Textile Artist. Another lady and I just stood in front of his work which was an embroidered waste coat and couldn't believe our eyes. Ken has a website,please check it out.

Our winter veggie garden is producing lots of fresh crisp veggies. I went out after lunch and saw this miniature cauliflower ready to be picked. I think these are bigger than last years.

We have been picking the broccoli for a while now. A fresh head of broccoli each night for tea along with some Chinese Cabbage and English Spinach and Rocket.
I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. It is a Derby weekend here with the West Coast Eagles and Freo Docker's playing. Bonnie is going,she supports The Eagles but will be in the Docker's Member's area. It certainly will be a interesting game.
Have a Happy Weekend.
Bev C


Lurline said...

Look at those gorgeous veggies - we have rugby league on tele at the moment!
Hug - Lurline♥

Tiffany said...

The Quilt Show sounds fun, wish I was there! WOW, your veggies look great, but what's Rocket?

Maria said...

Pleased you enjoyed the craft show.I am going tomorrow with my DD2 and GD2.
What beautiful fresh vegies you have grown. YUM!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

The Craft Show comes this way this week and I'm looking forward to it Bev!!! Look at those vegies...I made cauliflower soup and broccoli soup and they were absolutely delicious!!! Happy Sunday to you Bev...Dzintra♥x

Sally said...

Oh no!!! I forgot to go to the quilt show.

Julia said...

Wish I could grow veggies like that!
I was at the show yesterday too Bev, I most likely passed you in the crowd...it was a great day out..
Julia ♥

Copper Patch said...

You've been very restrained at the show, better than I would have been! The veg look fantastic. Abbe

Michelle said...

I am so envious, first for the chance to go to the quilt show and second for those yummy fresh veges! Maybe tomorrow will be the day I venture out to finish digging over the new vege plot! I feel all inspired now.

Terriaw said...

sounds like a wonderful day at the craft show, especially running into friends! We had cauliflower and broccoli for dinner from the market. Wish I had grown it in my own garden like this!