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Monday, July 12, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" number 28.


Happy Monday to you all. We are very happy here. It has been raining for the last couple of days. We have had 47mls of rain. Our rain is measured at 9.00am each morning. That is one job I enjoy doing. Our water tanks are filling up and the garden certainly looks refreshed. So onto what "Makes Me Happy" this Monday. I thought I would share with you some items I
have procured at Garage Sales over the years. I found a bundle of four pieces of a Singer sewing machine for the princely amount of $3.00. No-one was interested as they were a bit broken. Well I thought to myself for $3.00 even if I hang them up somewhere it will be worthwhile. One day I was sitting inside and thought we will need some balustrade's for the back step. I arranged for a welder to come and take measurements and now we have a most unusual balustrade. I am sure there wouldn't be another exactly like this one anywhere.
There are always some garden plaques at Garage Sales. This one I put in some paving. We got the red recycled bricks free from one of Ian's workmates. His son used to run a gravestone making service in town here and these bricks came from the old house.

I have shown this gate before on my blog. I purchased this for $15.00 from a B&B that was having a garage sale. The pine log and the white post came from two different garage sales. The white post is actually an old verandah post. There were three for sale and this one was left.The paintwork is flaking but I think that adds to it. The wood is either jarrah or wandoo. Very tough native woods.

This little gate is really just a feature as the pathway is wide enough to walk without having to open or close it. The bricks in the pathway behind have come from leftovers when we got the paving done around the house. One of Ian's workmates was having similar paving done a while after I started this crazy paving. So we were able to pick up his leftover bits and do a bit more. There are lots of poppies coming up in the paving. I will leave these there as they won't really be in the road. Plus a splash of colour on the paving is nice in Spring.

This last one is of some lacework I picked up about fifteen to twenty years ago. I went to a garage sale. There really wasn't anything interesting but I saw the two pieces of lacework away from the items for sale. I asked about them. The man said I could have them. Bargain!!! He was modernising his house. Silly man. I did find a book at the library and got lots of information about the maker and what the different patterns meant and the time they were manufactured. We had the lacework on our previous home and took it off and now it is out the front. I hope you enjoyed looking at my Garage Sale finds.
It is wet and windy outside. A day for staying inside here.

Enjoy your Monday.
Bev C


retdairyqueen said...

I love garage sales and it is always nice to get a bargain
Great finds and love what you have done with them

Pauline said...

You sure are spreading cheer on Mondays, Bev. I always look forward to them. Love your bargains and what you have done with them, especially the gate and post. Oh, and the wrought iron lace. When I was home last I spent a whole day taking photos of the old homes in the area where my mother lives, all with their beautiful old lace work!

Sue said...

I love your stuff! Hubby and I used to go "saling" together on Sunday mornings. That way I could buy heavy stuff!

Jossie said...

Great finds Bev. I really like the idea of the Singer parts. The wrought iron lace in the last picture is wonderful. You were lucky to find that.

Maria said...

thanks for sharing your stuff. Looks great.

Simone de Klerk said...

You have an eye for finding loveliness and using it in a beautiful way! Very very special, Bev!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

I love treasure hunting, in fact was doing a bit of that today! It is always good to get a "Bargain" - great finds!

Anita said...

Hi Bev, All those treasures you have collected over the years makes this cold day feel so warm. I love the iron gates, lace work, timber....the old houses sure did have alot of warmth to them. Have a great day. Kind regards, Anita.

Terriaw said...

You always find the best finds at garage sales! I love that. Love seeing your garden paths too. So nice to hear your gardens are refreshed with some good rain.

Tarnyia said...

Love the idea of using the old singer sewing machine frame... that is really thinking outside the square... and what a wonderful amount of rain.. we have had about 10mls from the two fronts that went through xxxx

SheilaC said...

You have gotten some wonderful deals!!

And your grounds are so beautiful :)

We really need rain here, south of us they got flooded on Saturday, but we got barely a drop.

Have a great week!

chris said...

Bev, Love all those old things around your garden, so much nicer than those tacky little coloured concrete men!