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Friday, August 20, 2010

"Kiwi Town" Friday-Night-Sew-In.


Last year while on a holiday to New Zealand we went to the Stone Store in Kerikeri. This place is amazing. It has the most wonderful shop inside. I know a few years back when Lucy and David went with there Gran to New Zealand David came home with a huge nail from here. He should have bought two then we could have done some knitting. The shop sells items that were around in the "olden days" Isn't it a stunning building.
At the back of the Stone Store is Kemp House. We had a wander around the gardens. Can you see the sunflowers in bloom? There was a veggie and fruit garden out the back.

I couldn't leave without buying something from the Stone Store. I bought this cross stitch which I have been working on this week. Mind you I think I have undone half of it. Why is it that the stitch I have done wrong is at the beginning of a section. It is quick to undo though.
I will be working on this tonight for the Friday-Night-Sew-In. I am determined to finish this cross stitch before I start on anything else.
Happy Days.
Bev C


Terriaw said...

That is a cool building! What a fun way to remember this trip and shop with that cross stitch project. I need to try a Friday Night sew-in cuz I'm sure I would get lots done. Have fun and enjoy your project!

Michelle said...

Lovely building and what a nice way to remember your time there!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
That is a beautiful place and what a wonderful garden they have. Have fun at your Friday-Night-Sew-In. I'm sure you will finish your cross stitch and do something amazing with it.
Have a great weekend. : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, we holidayed in NZ three years ago...what a truly beautiful country...hugs lyn

Nicky said...

Gorgeous pics Bev - I've never been to Kerikeri, but have heard it's beautiful up that way. Good luck for your Friday Night Sew-In, I can't wait - time to get reacquainted with my sewing machine! Have fun!!

Maria said...

I would really love to get back into cross stitch but never seem to have the time. Started one two Xmas's ago and it is still sitting on my blanket box in a post pac.
Hope you yours done tonight.

Margaret said...

Alovely bright happy post and the crossstitch will bring back lovely memories.

Pauline said...

Hi Bev, I've missed your last couple of posts, don't ask me how that happened. Love your little reminder of Kerikeri.