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Monday, December 20, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" number 51.


Wow it really is Happy Monday. I got woken up at 12.12am by the sound of rain on our roof. I measured  16mls in the gauge at 9.00am and have had some more gentle rain since then. Spare a thought though for the people of Carnarvon who are under flood at the moment.

I am happy that progress is being made on my cross stitch project. It is a Lizzie Kate design which my sister has already done so she passed the pattern onto me. The "Big" plan is to have it finished by the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

I am also happy to have been doing some reading of late. I enjoy reading and over Summer I seem to do more of it. Last week I read Maeve Binchy's new book called "Finding Frankie." I also found out that  another author Miss Read has written a new book and have ordered this from the library.

One book I did get from the library is Catherine's Gift. This book is not your ordinary book,rather it makes you think how lucky these people are that Dr Catherine Hamlin is there to help them. Some rather awful stories but mostly with good outcomes. Please do yourself a favour and check out this link and if you get the chance please read this book. It will change your view on what is important in your life.

With the rain we have had the roses are just loving it. I snapped this photo of "Heritage" this morning. With a hot Christmas Day expected I will have to enjoy them while I can.
I can also say I am happy that I defrosted my freezer this morning. I know small things make me happy. Though the real reason was because I needed to tidy it up before Christmas. I made Tarnyia's  Granddad's Ice cream Recipe this morning. Tarnyia assures me it is calorie free. I sure hope so because I have just made two lots of it. Licking out 4 cream cartons,2 condensed milk cans plus a few nuts and choc chips and some fresh blueberries. I can assure you it tastes delicious. I didn't have any brandy so I used some of  real vanilla essence for flavouring. Thanks Tarnyia for the recipe.

I would love to hear what is making you "Happy this Monday."

Happy Monday.
Bev C


Simone de Klerk said...

That is certainly a happy Monday for you, even with the small precious moments that might only be special to you!
Love your 'heritage' rose. Such a soft color and I can see it loves the rain drops.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

What a beautiful rose Bev...glad that you've had some rain. The ice-cream sounds delish!
Merry Christmas Bev!!

Nat Palaskas said...

Happy Monday Bev, glad you have some rain. We had a lot too this weekend - Enjoy while it lasted - Hugs Nat

Michelle said...

We have also received some much needed rain, glad you got some too for your beautiful garden! The ice cream sounds YUMMO!

Maria said...

You have lots to be happy about this day.
Isn't it lovley to have nice steady rain. It had been trying to rain here for days and finally this afternoon it did and still is.
The flooding in Carnavan is awful also Tarniya's place did not look good on her blog.Hope she did not flood.

Leanne said...

Oh the cross stitch looks brilliant!
Ahh a new Miss read book - thanks for heads up have to try & get it out. Catherine's Gift looks an eye opener.

Love Leanne Nz

Mylene said...

Lk is looking great, Bev.
I like Maeve Binchy too but the other author you mentioned is new to me too.

Wish you and your family a Happy Christmas.

Terriaw said...

I think that ice cream would make me happy today! I adore Lizzy Kate's sweet stitching designs. I started my holiday shopping today, which wasn't fun, but I'm happy it's almost done.

Karen said...

Very pleased to hear that you have had some rain. Glad it wasn't the floods of Carnarvon. Enjoy the garden.

Anita said...

Hi Bev, Yes the sound of the rain was wonderful to hear!! All our rainwater tanks are full, yay. I'm so going to read Catherine's gifts, books like that always leave you thinking how lucky you really are. Kind regards, Anita.

Jossie said...

A lovely Monday post again Bev. Happy little thoughts and things. The rose is beautiful. Can't imagine we will ever see roses again in this part of the world....LOL.
My Monday was rather daring driving to the supermarkets to get some groceries. We have had about 30 cm of snow now and we are in for some more. But I was happy I made it without any problems.

Tarnyia said...

hahaha have been trying to post for days here but my internet has slowed down... 2 lots of ice-cream wait until I tell my kids hehehehe...

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow Bev you are going great guns with your cross stitch...I haven't even pulled mine out yet!!! What a very happy Monday you have had...love that beautiful rose...Dzintra♥x

Pauline said...

Reading you Happy Monday posts always make me happy, Bev. Love rose is lovely. I've just made some sweets for Christmas, luckily the grandkids were here to lick the bowl for me, but how will I resist having a taste test of the goodies?