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Monday, December 13, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" Number fifty.


Happy Monday to you.

Getting a parcel delivered to me last Monday made me very happy.

I love participating in swaps. You get to have lots of fun. I recently participated in the Crafty Goodness Box Swap. We had a choice of two boxes to choose from. Either Scrap booking  or Patchwork/Sewing. We were given a partner with a few hints of what they liked.

My partner was Julie who lives over the side of Australia from me. Guess what she works at a patchwork shop. So she is surrounded by goodies every working day.

Last Monday morning the courier knocked at the front door with this parcel of goodies.

Julie's gifts to me.
Look at what was inside. Lots of supplies to last me for a very long time. I said I loved ladybirds and I got some chocolate ones and some material. I don't know how Julie knew that I needed a new dustpan and brush set but just look at the most cutest dustpan and brush set. Thank you so much Julie you really made my day. All of the articles are right at home in my sewing room.

Julie's gifts from me.

Julie requested 1930's style material. This was very hard to find  in town here. So one day when I had a car a trip to Spotlight in Midland  was on the cards and  I found the fat quarters. Back home again I found the charm pack at the local craft shop so this was quickly purchased.

Front of Bag

Back of Bag.
I also made Julie a Tote Bag with her name machine embroidered on the front. Thank you Julie for being my swap partner. To Darlene the organiser of all of this a big hug and best wishes are coming your way. You can click on the photo's  for a better view to see the items we both received.

Today marks one week since Lucy left. Hello Lucy.  We are all so happy that she is enjoying life in New Zealand. Lucy has been shopping already and was "In Heaven" at the Number One Shoe Warehouse. Where she bought two pairs of new shoes. Shoes make Lucy very happy!!!

Happy Monday to you,hope your week is full of surprises.
Bev C


BubzRugz said...

Great swap.....
I love the tote bag you made...

Sue said...

That looked like a great swap. you're a lucky lady bug!
Jule's tote is divine along with all the goodies you sent her.

Nat Palaskas said...

Great swap with someone who works in a patchwork shop. Enjoy - Hugs Nat

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely gifts
I have to show mine too Have been a bit slack in that department

Maria said...

Botyou and Jules received lovely gifts.
So many cute lady bugs for you and Jule's tote is just gorgoeus.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic swap - I love the dustpan and the bag you made is fabulous! :0)

Anita said...

Hi Bev, You received some lovely things in your swap. I love the bag, how cute. Glad to hear Lucy is enjoying herself in NZ. Kind regards, Anita.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Lovely swap goodies Bev...Enjoy them all...Dzintra♥x

Terriaw said...

I love it when the postman delivers such fabulous packages. Looks like a great swap! I love all those goodies you received from your partner and the goodies you shared. So fun to see!

Tarnyia said...

What a great swap... looks like you both did really well xxx

Anonymous said...

The dust pan and brush are to die for... I also love lady bugs and am about to put some pics on my blog of some cuties I have just received.
Cath Ü