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Monday, July 11, 2011

"Makes me Happy Monday"


"Happy Monday" I hope you have a wonderful day.

I am happy to say that sometimes making mistakes turns out for the best. I spent a good part of Friday quilting. I even had about 99.9%  of it done. Then I looked back at it from a distance and decided "No". I have got most of it undone, just about 6 blocks of stippling to unpick. Then I will hand quilt it. Amazing how comfortable I feel with this decision. There was nothing actually to much wrong with the quilting it just didn't feel right.

Mini Cauliflower.

I am very happy that our Winter vegie garden is producing so well. There are several mini Cauliflowers ready to be picked. All organic too.

The Broccoli is ready to be picked also. I just love this vegetable. I could eat it until the cows come home.

The Crab apples are in flower. The little birds love this tree at this time of the year.

Maurice Ultrillio

I am very happy that the roses are all ready to bloom or blooming. This one called "Maurice Ultrillio" is in bloom down the front of the garden. It is a bright red brilliantly contrasted by crisp and vibrant slashes of yellow and white,constantly changing from budburst through to the full,voluptuous and generous mature bloom. It is such a striking rose with large double flowers borne in clusters and a wonderfully healthy bush plant with a rich enchanting frangrance. It is a  Delbard Rose from the "Painters Collection"

It has been very cold here the past week or so. Temperatures of 12 to 15 degrees has been the high on some days. We don't get snow here but I think the "Allysum" that grows in the garden could easily be taken for snow on these cold days. Happy that the temperature is going to get warmer during the coming week. I wonder what is "Making you Happy" today.

Happy days.
Bev C


Wacky Woman said...

Oh my gosh, I would not have done that. LOL thanks for the garden tour.

rosie said...

I love your garden Bev... Your vegies are fantastic! Mine aren't so big, they have been neglected too much!! I am quilting a quilt by hand at the moment and am not sure about some thread I am using... will have a little break and look at it with new eyes..xxx

Nat Palaskas said...

Your garden is lovely Bev. I think your winter must be a lot warmer than ours in Vic. It's 13 max today. We had cold and wet Sunday. It was nice day for indoor stitching - Hugx Nat

Anonymous said...

Bev what a lovely post i always enjoy my visits to your blog and your vegies look fantastic and more important they will taste fantastic

marina said...

I can empathise with your unpicking, if it doesn't feel right, it just isn't going to.
The caulie and broccoli look yum, nothing beats home grown!

Roseanne said...

You have to be pappy with whot you make. Your vegie from your garden look very nice love the rose too

Karen said...

Sometimes you do just have to unpick. Trust your instincts!
Lovely garden food ...mmmmm. Very nicely grown. At least the cold weather is good for those vegies.
Your garden is looking lovely.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Your caulie & broccoli look perfect and your rose is gorgeous...what a colour. Love your garden Bev.

Lynda said...

More wonderful photos - your garden is beautiful.

Simone de Klerk said...

I don't think I would have the courage to unpick the quilt, even though I do understand. Very brave!
And what great vegetables in your garden. Would love to have some of them.
Rose - I am wordless.
Great 'snow'(o:

Sue said...

You're a brave girl to do all that reverse sewing. I love your vegies, they look delish! We had the grandies for dinner the other night and Miss 2 ate all the broccoli...from everyones plates too. A whole head of it by herself.

Anita said...

Hi Bev, The garden looks great. It certainly has been cold, yay for warmer weather. What makes me happy? Knowing that my dentist appointment is over for another 4 months. Yay, That makes me real happy. Kind regards, Anita.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hello Bev,
wow, the undo your quilting took some patience there, but when it does not feel and look right you got to do whats best. Your garden vegetables look amazing. Happy quilting and gardening.

Susan said...

Your garden is amazing!!

Terriaw said...

Beautiful gardens! I always love seeing cauliflower and broccoli, and wish I remembered to grow some since I love to eat both. That rose is amazing - love anything two-toned like that. Bummer to have to unpick quilting, but I can empathize with that feeling. Good for you for sticking with your instinct!

Khris said...

wow your cauli and broccoli look great...hugs Khris

Jen said...

Oh gosh Bev, I know what it's like when something just doesn't look right and you have a mile of unpicking to do - good on you!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! Your garden as always looks so beautiful, and your veges, wow, lucky you!
Hope you are staying warm ;)!
jen xo

Astrid said...

Oh no! Sorry you had to unpick so much, but that is part of it, isn't it? It's our inner feelings that count. Such a beautiful garden, lovely!