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Monday, July 18, 2011

"Makes Me Happy Monday"

Hello and Happy Monday.

I can't believe how quickly these postings come around. Lots to be happy about over this past week.

Lucy came bearing gifts from Lisa. Thank you so much Lisa for the bundles of fabric cross stitch kits buttons and patterns. I  already have plans for the bundle of blue fabric.

I also got this bundle of threads and buttons from Chris. Thanks Chris. I used one of the threads in the "Friendship" Bolster.

Ainsley and Lucy.

On Saturday we celebrated Lucy's Birthday with a family lunch at a restaurant/brewery  in the Swan Valley. The meal was huge so we didn't need tea that night.

I have been watching this sunflower budding then opening up in the vegie garden.

Doesn't it just make you want to smile!!

Happy Monday.
Bev C


Nat Palaskas said...

It's a ready happy Monday post Bev. Lucy's home, how nice! Enjoy the rest of your week too - Hugs Nat

Melody said...

Now wonder you are happy. Lovely goodies and Lucy home. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

lovely post Bev

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely Monday post Bev. Gorgeous sunflower and yes it did make me smile :)

Simone de Klerk said...

Happy happy Monday to you!
Lovely bundles, threads and buttons.
And what a lovely daughter you have.
Happy week!

marina said...

what great goodies, they should keep your hands busy!
I love sunflowers, they are so cheery. How lovely to celebrate Lucy's birthday.

rosie said...

Happy Monday Bev, lots to be thankful for....Hope the rest of your week is special..xxx

Astrid said...

Lovely gifts and sunny sunflower! Indeed, it puts a smile on your face. Wonderful week to you and yours!

Terriaw said...

Beautiful sunflower! They always make me smile!

Lucky you to get those fun bundles of fabric and threads. That might keep you busy for awhile.

How fun to see Lucy and celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sunflower! Love the goodies :o)

Anonymous said...

A very happy Monday indeed Bev, lots of happiness and smiling sunflowers.

Oh and my word verification is bless - how appropriate :-)

Tarnyia said...

Oh what a lovely little stash you received and wasn't that nice to have them delivered by Lucy xxx

Pauline said...

Look at those two beautiful daughters! No wonder you are a happy bunny! Hope you have lots of fun with your goodies.
Hugs to Lucy.

Pauline said...

love the sunflower...makes me feel warm...something we are VERY short of here in Tassie at the moment....brrrrrr nice blog...