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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Lots of Celebrations at Kainga."


Happy Monday to you.

 Lots of celebrations at Kainga over the last week, Birthdays, a traveller returning, a new job for a family member etc.

On Thursday Ian and I travelled to the airport to pick up Bonnie from her trip to America. Great to have her back home.We were all gifted some lovely souvenir's. It has been wonderful to look at the thousands of photo's of her journey across the States. We even got to see a picture of David Beckham in his back yard!!!

Friday I had sewing so was able to work on the "Crop Circle" hand quilting and get the binding on.When it got to the edges of the quilt I used half a circle for the quilting. This way it was quilted into the borders without changing the pattern.

Back of quilt.

With the circles it looks like the dolphins are jumping through hoops at Sea world.

On Saturday David came home for a visit,unfortunately he couldn't stay for the family lunch we had on Sunday.
The reason for the lunch was to celebrate Ainsley and Julian's Birthday's which both occur in March.

Ainsley and Julian's Birthday Quilt.

Ainsley and Julian were gifted the quilt for their Birthday's. I machine embroidered a label for the back with their names etc and a design of a slice of cake.

Whatever you do this week do it with love.

Happy Monday.
Bev C


Anonymous said...

oh Bev what a lovely happy post,love the quilt.xx

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

I love the quilt Bev, and hearing about all of your family celebrations. Fun, fun!

Pauline said...

Lots to make you happy this Monday, Bev! The quilt for the birthday couple is lovely. Glad you had such a lovely re-union with Bonnie.

Margaret said...

Bowls, saucers, plates, scone cutters, biscuit shapes cutters what ever it takes to make a pattern is a success. Yes the Dolphins do look as if they are jumping through hoops,

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love your 'crop circles' Bev. Great to have your daughter home I bet and listen to all her travel tales. Happy Birthday to Aisnley and Julian.

Wendy said...

Your quilt looks lovely, the hand quilted circles are a perfect touch.

Sue said...

I'm glad your travelling girl is safely home and a big happy birthday to the new quilt owners. It's gorgeous, I love the hand quilted circles!

Jeni said...

Just love all the bright colours

Dolores said...

What a great week you had. It's always nice to celebrate good news with family and friends. The quilt turned out so nice and it was a good idea to quilt the same pattern into the border.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hello Bev,

Very happy the Bonnie is safe back at home and it sounds like she had a wonderful time here in the States. Beautiful quilts and that quilt there does look like dolphins jumping. What creativity you have. Thank you for sharing your family and quilts with us.
Have a lovely day.

Terriaw said...

Happy to hear Bonnie had a wonderful trip!

Your quilt is so gorgeous! I love how it turned out, especially with that circle quilting, and that cool backing fabric.

Maria said...

Nice to have Bonnie home after her travels.
I am sure the birthday couple loved their quit. Great hand quilted circles..

Astrid said...

Love the bright quilt and the way it is quilted. Great work and great gift! Good to have your Bonnie safe back home. Bet she had a wonderful time over there! :)

Karen said...

This is a great quilt and I do like the idea of your crop circles. I hope they enjoyed their lovely gift.