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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

"Some quick finishes and OPAM."


We are into March and I plan to continue as I started with finishing projects and doing some quick finishes. Using up those fabrics in the sewing room and gifting them.

Like all sewers I tend to save bits of fabric for one day. Well if they fall out of a pile of fabric I have decided that they quite possibly won't be returning to lurk in the cupboard. Instead I have to decide to use the fabric.

So when this piece of waffle cloth appeared with one hem already ironed it was time to  hem it then find something to decorate it with. Opened the drawers and right on the top was a bag of already cut out Frangipani flowers. Project completed, for the first few days it was used as a table centre. Now it is going to be used as a face washer. 

 I have been continuing to make our soap. I found a different recipe online. A lovely Brisbane lady who has a you tube channel called Elly's Everyday. This is soap made from her Castile Soap Recipe. This lot was made back in the middle of December last year so will be dry and ready to use.

I made up two scarves with the Surfline Logo. I found the pieces of stretch fabric in a box of fabrics that I bought at a garage sale a few years back. I set up the overlocker to a rolled hem for the edging. I did plan to try and crochet around the edges but getting the hook through was proving very hard so that was decided against.

I have a limited selection of baby fabric set aside. Going through them I had enough to make two baby bibs. 

All these projects have been quick and easy to do and most importantly will be used instead of the fabric sitting in my cupboards. I have decided to join in OPAM this year. The idea behind OPAM is to get one project done a month. It is always good to have other ladies joining in finishing up projects or starting new ones. Please check out Kris's blog for the details.

I have been busy purchasing Aida cloth and some DMC threads for a new project. More details coming soon.

Have you joined in OPAM or maybe there is something else that you have committed to in 2020. I would love to know all about it and why you joined.

Happy days.
Bev C 


Clare-Aimetu said...

A lovely post to catch up with all your crafts, great idea about using fabric instead of putting it back. I'm going to look into making soap, they look great.

Kim Sharman said...

Love that soap you made. Such a good idea to use up your fabric that lurks in dark hidey holes.

Fiona said...

Great projects. You are like me and want to use the fabric for something useful....every bit is precious. I like to join'challenges'... Cheryll has WOOFA for unfinished projects... I also am in a F/B one for UFO's, and a one Christmas Item each month.... motivation as well as fun with others...

Karen S said...

Lots of great ideas and projects to keep you busy.
Your soaps look lovely. Wish we could smell them.

French Nanny said...

Hello Bev
So good to catch up with what you are doing.

I’m not doing much as I broke my arm, my right arm, at the beginning of February and it’s not better yet. A bad break in two places And have been in a kind of fabric and Velcro sling ever cents. I can move all the fingers there and might try a bit of crochet in a few days.

My husband (we got married a year ago) has been brilliant. Was it you who. Told me that you and your husband met through an advert in a local magazine? Roy and I met through an ex-pat dating agency here in France. We spent many hours talking on the phone before we met in person (he lived 6 hours away by car) and discovered he lived near where I was in England and I had actually worked with his wife (who had died three years before we met) some years ago. We fell in love at first sight, so that does happen!

Since the broken arm I have been reevaluating my crafting and plan to do what you have done and sort out all my bits and pieces when I am well again.

Julie said...

I love all your new makes Bev - its fun to make projects using up what we already have on hand. I really enjoy this & try to challenge myself to use up my stash. I love your soap - this is one of the things I really wanted to have a go at for 2020. I have never made soap before so I will go have a look at that channel you have recommended - thanks Bev. xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great projects Bev. Definitely much better to use our fabric bits when we can ...love those pretty soaps also.

Lin said...

Nice use of your fabrics Bev and those soaps look delicious! xx

Bobbie Lynn said...

I save my bits of fabric too and it seems my best projects come from them. Those soaps are so nice a creamy too Bev. Thank you for mine. I need some extra TLC on my hands around this time of the year. Wonderfl project share. You have inspired me to get back to my quilt.

Happy sewing!
Bobbie Lynn

kiwikid said...

Y9u have made some lovely things Bev, I like your soap,must go and have a look at where you got your recipe, have been thinking of making some. Great idea to use what comes to next hand, I did that recently and have now made a very loud part quilt top 😁.