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Friday, April 3, 2020

"OPAM for March and a crochet item to finish."


Happy Friday.

I started March with good intentions. I did manage a few finishes, the bonus being I used up fabric in my scrap baskets and fabric cupboard.


I did ask my girls if I made them some scrunchies would they wear them. Yes was the answer. I remember making them for them back in the 80's and 90's. Everything old is new again. I made 13 of them. I do plan to make some more.


 I have kept all my dressmaking patterns from when the children were little. There is lots of fabric in my sewing room to use as well. The Fred Flintstone short fabric has the year 2000 on them. Made a pair of boxers for David back then. This time around they are for Jude and Jacob. The sea themed fabric was used originally for a nightie for me. I have lost count of the number of times I have used this pattern and borrowed it out.

 These two hot pads for the kitchen have proved to be so useful. I used wadding leftover wadding from the circle quilt and used these two curtain sampler fabrics that were given to me years ago. Lovely and thick cotton, just right for the hot pads.


 Now the ball of yarn has only been waiting for two years to be used up. The pattern I used I found on the net on the Redheart site and it is called Colourful Crochet Socks. They are supposed to be made in a hour. My hour took a little longer! I didn't have the yarn that was suggested but the lady in the shop I got the yarn from suggested this Caron yarn and to use it with two threads. You can see how much I had left over. I did realise after I finished I had used a size 5.5mm hook instead of a 5. The dangers of looking at your supplies in the evening. They fit perfectly so I do think your crochet tension has a lot to do with it.

Now I have lots of projects in bags in my sewing room. The BIG plan is to finish them and then my sewing room will look so much tidier. In the bag with the wool for the crochet slippers was this project. Again using double thread, this time two colours. So over the weekend I will finish it up. I wasn't sure what size hook I used for this so tried a few different ones until the stitches were the same size. Can you work out what it will be?

Bits and Bobs.

Earlier in March my sewing room needed a much needed tidy up. It was getting a little dangerous to walk from one end to the other. Had to step over cords etc. So a change to where the table etc was put in place. I was particularly inspired by a You Tube video by Melanie Sullivan of her Sewing Room. Melanie has lots of inspiring videos to watch.

If you love gardening as I do you may find Hannah Maloney of Good Life Permaculture inspiring. Hannah is doing weekly videos of starting a vegie garden. Hannah lives in Tasmania, a beautiful part of the world and does give instructions for other climates and seasons. Hannah was a guest presenter on Gardening Australia last year. I do wish they get her back soon.

In these times that we hopefully never have to live through again. It is indeed the small things that bring joy. Back on the 15th March we called into Dymocks at Midland Gate Shopping Centre and enquired about a Chess book that was suitable for children. They didn't have one but could order one. They said that with what was unfolding they would order it for us , we didn't have to buy it if we didn't want to.  Well of course we are in regional lockdown now. The shop is out of our area. A no go zone for us. We got a phone call earlier this week. I said yes I still wanted it. The salesperson explained that it was $8.00 for postage did I wanted it posted here. No I said I wanted it posted to my Grandson. He asked where he lived and I told him. He said don't worry about the postage he had a worker who would drop it of on Thursday. Well last night we received a photo of Jacob smiling the biggest smile with his new Chess book. So a big Thank you to the staff at Dymocks Midland Gate.

I have had a few people ask me when do you think this will be over. Well no one knows but it has made me think what are the first things that I will do. Besides catching up with family I can't wait until we get back to our fortnightly shop at the Kalamunda Farmers Markets. Sorry Coles but your veg are !2#&*.  You see we haven't bought veg from a supermarket for years. We found that travelling a hour away to the markets and orchards at Kalamunda so much better. It will be good to get back to the two shops we get our other supplies from as well. Replenish in Kalamunda and Wasteless Pantry in Mundaring. We take our own containers and buy what we need. The other thing will be to go to the movies with Lucy. She bought me passes to the Luna Cinema. We have been once but I am hanging out to get back. It will be interesting to see what will be screening.  Oh and to go to Garden Centres and Hardware stores. Our local hardware store closed down at the end of January. So we are left without a garden or hardware store in town.

What are you planning to do later on? Please inspire us all in the comments.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy days.
Bev C


Fiona said...

Hi Bev, lots happening there... I love your crochet socks. I wish I had kept my old patterns too.... great to see yours being used again. I will enjoy also getting to see family and friends...

Julie said...

I am loving all your new makes Bev - its so good to use up our stash fabrics for projects & things. Yes I think after catching up with family & grandsons I would like to be able to go to the Garden Centre & buy plants & veggie seeds & potting mix. I miss not being able to do this & we cant order anything like that online here - I have seen in some places you can. Happy weekend to you Bev. Take care. xx

Maria said...

You sure have been working on lots of projects...
Great to have keep your older patterns and fabrics that are can use now..
We would all love to catch up with family and friends BUT !!!

Lin said...

Lovely book story Bev. The scrunchies are a great use of your scraps and I love the crochet socks. So far not missing much here other than seeing friends. Am welcoming the chance to not spend money! although am still supporting my online suppliers. So enjoying the peace and quiet and time to enjoy our beautiful garden. xx